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Listening Skills Seminar

Listening skills are an essential part of being an effective communicator and invaluable for anyone in business. Yet it is a skill that is often overlooked.


Woman Listening

Our effectiveness as communicators is undermined if we don’t have good listening skills. As a result, we have created a specific half day training workshop – as well as including a shortened version in our general communication skills training.

The course includes:

  • Discovering the benefits of good listening skills
  • Discovering the difference between listening and hearing a conversation
  • Discovering the different levels of listening and when it is appropriate to use these levels
  • The dangers of “Chinese Whisper” listening
  • Discover what it is like NOT to be listened to
  • Learn the simple techniques for listening effectively
  • Learn the simple techniques for engaging your speaker effectively through body language and non-verbal communication


At the end of the course delegates:

  • Will understand the benefits of having excellent listening skills
  • Will have simple techniques to listen to others effectively
  • Will be able to read when other people aren’t listening to you


To discuss the listening skills workshop or to book a workshop contact us or call +44 (0) 800 0938 464