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Accent Softening for Business

Accent Softening for Business


Do you feel your accent and/or knowledge of the English language is  holding you back professionally? Are you often asked to repeat yourself? Do you worry people haven’t fully understood you? Do you worry when you contribute to meetings or have to deliver presentations in English? Then this is the course for you!

Our Accent Softening for Business training is for business professionals who speak English as a second language, who aim to be more effective spoken communicators. Speaking clearly and confidently is a skill – and as I, Susan Heaton-Wright knows from when I worked overseas, is an essential skill. I have worked professionally in a number of countries: USA, France, Switzerland, Spain, Kenya, India and Lithuania. I trained in Italy, where the training language was Italian, so I understand exactly what it is like to communicate in a language that is not my native tongue.

Our one to one course, held either face to face in a London studio or via Zoom or Skype is a course designed to support you to become more confident and clearer when you speak.

Accent Softening for Business

The course includes:

  • Exercises designed to strengthen muscles in your mouth, lips, tongue so you can articulate sounds in English.

  • Techniques in making sounds common in the English language

  • Techniques for practising and correcting sounds

  • Awareness in non-verbal communication including facial expressions and body language, to ensure your speaking and communication is effective.

  • Training material including practice CDs (or mp3 files) to practice the new techniques

  • 5 x 60 minute sessions. Additional sessions are available as follow up training.

  • One off sessions are available too.
  • Available as either face to face in London or Hertfordshire, or as a virtual training one to one option.

  • Access to specific training exercises: videos and podcasts, created specifically for helping you to speak more clearly in English.
  • Although we have a training system in place, every course is bespoke because our trainers create the course for each individual.

For more information and to book a complimentary conversation BOOK HERE.

Here are two options if you want to work NOW on speaking and accent:

Make an Impact with your Voice: Audio training downloadable course.


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