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The Professional Presence Programme

The Professional Presence Programme


If you are looking for a bespoke speaking and communications course to ensure you make an impact in business, this is the course for you.

  • Possibly you are aiming for a senior role, and feedback has highlighted that you need to focus on improving your speaking and communication skills.

  • You need to increase your visibility and personal impact within the business to receive the recognition and respect you deserve

  • Your job specification has altered and you are being asked to be client facing, interdepartmental or presenting to the board

  • You could be working on doing your first major Public Speaking engagement; improving your profile at work and ensuring you are noticed by what you say as well as what you do; or even appearing on the media

What we do together is to set some targets including time scales, and the Executive Voice team create a bespoke course specifically for YOU. This is the Professional Presence Programme.

Book a call to discuss this programme here.

Previous clients have worked on a variety of skills including:

  • Preparing for major radio interviews

  • Preparation and practice for an International Public Speaking engagement

  • Accent calming: making the client’s speech easier for other people to understand

  • Preparation and practice for presentations at International Board Level

  • Developing charisma and presence

  • Modifying the vocabulary you use to ensure your team have confidence in you and your abilities

  • Developing confidence and managing nerves from speaking in public

  • Developing a stronger voice that reflects your ability and personality

  • Creating a professional, resonant voice that people will listen to

  • Raising personal profile and confidence through working on personal branding (posture, presence, speaking up)

  • Chairing important meetings

  • Preparing to apply and be interviewed for new roles internally and externally

  • Presenting and voice over for a Company Video

What clients say:

“From my very first session I was given practical exercises, hints and tips to improve my speaking. As ever, sometimes what you need to do seems very obvious, but yet until you are told it, it’s not in your conscious.
During my course the areas we covered included engagement, posture, body language, content, dealing with nerves, performance, finding my niche… and many many more.
At the beginning of the work I scored myself on my proficiencies in the areas I wanted to cover. I scored it again at the end of the course and the improvement was incredible.
If you are looking to improve your speaking, then please talk to Susan. She has significant experience in this area and shares very openly”. Mary Waring, CFP, Wealth For Women

“My experience of working with Susan has been fantastic. I had a series of individual vocal coaching sessions with her and she really took the time to get to know me and to understand what I wanted to achieve.The exercises were practical and insightful (as well as fun and boundary pushing!) and helped me holistically improve the way I communicate. Progress was measured and celebrated throughout. In a relatively short space of time, with Susan’s support, I have made some big changes and it feels life changing. Susan is truly an expert in her field and is amazing to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Charlotte Barry, Group Strategy Manager, Lloyds Banking

“I first met Susan at the Meeting Show in 2015 after attending one of her sessions. I found Susan engaging and insightful from the very start of her session and was really keen to find out more about her and how the Executive Voice service could help me. As a manager of a large team in a corporate company I was keen to acquire the right tools to deal with difficult conversations and situations as well as to increase my confidence and assertiveness day-to-day, so I signed up for five one-to-one sessions with Susan. Susan has a lovely warm persona which makes you feel at ease and comfortable instantly, and gives you confidence to let your guard down and be yourself. This helps you make the absolute most of each session. The sessions are well structured and planned out as well as being varied. It was apparent from the start of my first session that Susan is very knowledgeable in her field and after an initial first conversation could quickly pin-point my focus areas, while she was also very quick to pick up and understand my role in the industry which I work, and this gave each session more substance.
I have noticed a huge difference in myself – Susan has taught me so many tips and tricks to meet my objectives and more. I feel so much more confident in dealing with the daily demands of my job, am much more aware of my posture, voice, body language and how I come across in general. I really can’t recommend working with Susan enough!” Christina Troup, Senior manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company


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