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The Superstar Power Presence Hour

The Superstar Power Presence Hour


Every social interaction is a performance. Do you ever feel nervous, out of your depth, overwhelmed, undervalued when you are in meetings, presentations or speaking to people? This is the course for you.

There are situations where we all feel nervous yet there are a number of simple skills we can adopt to give ourselves confidence. In other words we “Fake it to Make it”. Using some of the  theories of Amy Cuddy: who talks about creating a powerful pose,  I have applied some of these theories to every day communication skills within the workplace. Book a Complimentary telephone meeting here.

In the Power Hour I work with you: one to one, in a studio with mirrors. We will focus on your posture; how a power posture effects your charisma, your voice, presence and impact. This is an empowering one hour of your life! At the end of the hour you will:

  • Know how it FEELS to have good posture
  • Know how this MAKES you feel with positive energy
  • Correct your posture before a stressful situation so you feel more confident and convey confidence to others
  • If necessary, focus on vocal health and how good posture and vocal technique avoids vocal strain
  • SEE what a difference your power posture makes when you see yourself in the mirror
  • HEAR how your voice becomes more powerful and confident when you adopt a more powerful posture

I work in a small studio with mirrors, so you have the opportunity to explore all aspects of your ‘presence’ including raising your voice AWAY from an office environment. The studio is in London, or in St Albans, but if another location is required, please contact us or call 0800 0938 464, and we can arrange an alternative location.

Book for a London session here.

“I first met Susan when she presented at a meetup that I attended and I found her style to be engaging and her content interesting. When I met with Susan for a session she was friendly and astute in her observations. At first when I started the session with Susan, I was unsure about how the session would go. However as the session progressed, I realised that Susan is a keen observer and this allows her to give great feedback. I found the course to be very helpful and provided me with excellent tips for improvement. The session covered everything that I had wanted to cover. I only wish the session could have been longer! Susan was Friendly, Empathetic, Astute and I highly recommend her.” Ekua Cant

“It’s a pleasure working with Susan and developing my communication skills. She makes you aware on how you are perceived by looking at yourself and although it might be scary and confrontational it is better to be aware of this than ignorant and wondering why your messages don’t come across! Her ‘diva feet’ is a powerful and energising posture and can be used at all times to ensure you are conveying a positive viewpoint and that your words and attitude/stance say the same thing! Susan is THE ‘how to say it’ coach!” Francisca Kozijn Office and Project Manager at Hudson Advisors UK Ltd

“I would certainly recommend this course to a friend or colleague and Susan is a very nice lady, easy to talk to and she makes you feel comfortable. The warm ups helped me to relax before going on the stage and I found them very useful.  The course has been useful in terms of learning new techniques to relax the body and get ready to go on the stage without feeling anxious and nervous about it.” Stefania Orlotti, Atlas Translations



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