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Telephone Skills Training

Telephone Skills Training


Communicating by telephone is an effective way to reach out on a personal level with clients and customers. This downloadable audio course teaches you to….


Good telephone skills and training are STILL essential for any business. Fewer people are picking up the telephone and having conversations with clients, contacts and colleagues yet this is a successful way of moving a business relationship forward. If you are using the telephone, you have a competitive advantage over your competition who could be hiding behind emails and social media to communicate with their clients.

For some people, speaking on the telephone (or Skype) is an ordeal; but this 1 hour audio course provides all the tools, skills and tips to feel really confident when you speak.

The Telephone skills training downloadable audio course teaches the following telephone skills:

  • Feel relaxed and confident before you make a telephone call
  • Speaking clearly on the telephone
  • How to leave messages on voicemail that are audible
  • Answering the telephone
  • The art of listening on the telephone
  • Using the telephone for media interviews
  • Managing your calls
  • Giving interviews on the telephone

At the end of the course you will be able to use the telephone to engage with your clients and customers, and to develop your business relationships.

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