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Streamline your communication

My social media feed, media I read, newsletters I receive and even conversations are all about setting goals, my word of the year, targets and resolutions for 2019. Whether this is for your personal life or business/career life, everyone’s motivated!!! And as they should be. The new year is a great way to reflect on what has or hasn’t worked; and looking to the future.

In a future post I will consider setting goals and the power of sharing these with other people. But today, I wanted to share an activity with you, that I do in order that I am efficient for the year coming and the process I do enables me to become far more focused on the year; my contacts and also the process of communicating. I have broadcast a podcast on this very subject. Listen here.

I call this my ‘streamlining’ activity. In fact I do this a couple of times a year to ensure my connections are up to date. How often, for example, do you email a contact, or even call them, only to find that they have moved on to a new role. That is one of the beauties of connecting with people on Linkedin, because people keep their profiles wherever they move to.

But not only do you clean your contacts, it is also an opportunity to consider how relevant each contact is for your business. Perhaps your business is going in a different direction, or someone on your contact list is now totally relevant for a target. Whatever you do, you need to judge how you are going to communicate with different contacts. It is impossible to personally call every contact; and with respect, there are some contacts who are followers and might not be a buyer of yours, whilst other people are either clients or potential clients who require more attention and nurturing. In the podcast, I discuss how we can modify our communication styles, so we keep in touch with different people, so they feel valued whilst you use your time most effectively.

I have also created a checklist so you can do this process. Grab the checklist here.

So I hope 2019 will be the year you successfully streamline your communication so it is effective and efficient without becoming totally automated! – but that is another blog post!

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