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Has Theresa May lost her voice or her Mojo?

Has Theresa May lost her voice or her Mojo?? That is what I am asking after May’s speech at the Conservative Conference, where she performed with a croaky voice and coughing fits.

This was possibly her most important speech as leader: following the disastrous election and in-fighting. And it is not unusual for the voice to take the strain of stress and anxiety.

I understand that May had 26 interviews over the last 24 hours AND this is exhausting at any time, but to add a major, high profile public speech, is a stretch for all but the most robust, confident person. What were her advisors thinking? It is apparent that this area of her support is not there.

Whether you like May or  not, she deserves support in those areas where she is weaker. May isn’t a natural orator in the way that some of her rivals (including Boris Johnson) are. Her advisors – particularly the gruesome twosome who advised her during the election, put her into a position she was unable to fulfil.

And it comes as NO surprise to me that May lost her voice so spectacularly. Her voice is fragile at the best of times. Her posture is very poor, and this results in her voice having a flutter as well as being quite weak. In fact it breaks at times when she is stressed.

Why on earth has no one told her this or worked on her vocal production and posture?????

And one of her advisors should have kept an eye on her vocal health and had medical intervention before today. As well as scheduled the interviews more sensibly. It is not enough to have a speech writer and someone scheduling meetings. You have to pace yourself, particularly if you are having an extremely stressful and high profile series of engagements.

Speaking is like being an athlete: you would never ask a star athlete or footballer to do 26 interviews the day before a big match would you? Whilst I appreciate May needed to be visible, this schedule was MADNESS.

Theresa May, it is time to have my advice and support. Call me on 0800 0938464 or contact me before it is too late.

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