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Body Language Training

This body language training course provides useful tools and activities to develop an understanding of our own personal body language as well as begin able to read the body language of other people.

Meet and Greet handshake

If we are able to understand and appreciate body language or ‘non-verbal’ communication, it enhances our ability to be able to communicate and engage with colleagues, customers and clients. It is often what is NOT said, but the non-verbal communication ‘clue’ that helps us identify or ‘read’ a particular situation. This is a skill that could impact business situations like interviews, presentations, meetings, speaking to clients and customer care conversations. Understanding how body language works and how it impacts a conversation is essential for anyone who wishes to develop their personal communication skills.

Our one day workshop is an interactive and challenging workshop and includes:

  • Understanding what body language is
  • The Five C’s of body language
  • Developing a positive open body language when speaking to others
  • The impact of open and closed body language
  • Palm and handshake gestures
  • Matching and Mirroring
  • And bringing this knowledge together to use in the workplace

At the end of the course the delegates will

  • Be able to identify messages being portrayed by themselves and other people
  • Be able to change the mood of a conversation by ‘shifting’ their own body language
  • Be able to understand other people’s non-verbal communication, even if they are not actually saying what they mean
  • Be able to develop an open, professional, non-threatening body language that conveys confidence.