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Be a great podcast guest

Podcasts are so popular now; with many individuals downloading their favourite podcasts onto their phones to listen to while commuting or driving. As you know, I have my own podcast The Superstar Communicator 

It is so interesting when I have guests; they bring a different perspective on the topic of spoken communication. As you can imagine, I have a number of people who contact me, asking if they can be featured as a guest. I really welcome this; it makes my life easier. I always love it when other people recommend an interesting potential guest. HOWEVER, I do get some approaches that are, well, down right rude! These are of the “You must interview xxxx because they are brilliant”, without referring to me (the host) or the podcast. Not only do they come across as arrogant and rude, but it is clear that the person approaching me had neither researched the podcast, or me. Instead they had sent a general email to me.

Listen to my podcast here:

Last week I received one such email. No, it wasn’t an email, it was a cut and paste job via my contact form on my website. The person approaching me referenced someone I knew “xxxx thought yyy would be a good guest”. If xxxx had known about this approach, they would have been able to provide my direct email. But it was the demand that yyy MUST be on my podcast because she was extraordinary, complete with a pasted cv that was so surprising. And no reference to the content of the podcast or the fact that the proposed person was in a similar field so me – although according to the message, she was the ‘World leader’ in this area apparently.

Now you are possibly thinking “Ah Susan doesn’t want to speak to anyone who is competition”, but in fact, if it is managed in the right way, it can be a fabulous conversation, and wonderful content for the audience. Because this is the point; it is all about the audience, and unfortunately there are people who approach podcast hosts who do not appreciate that it isn’t about them, but providing the audience with fabulous content.

Podcasts are not a platform to ‘flog’ a service or book. A podcaster will always give the guest an opportunity to promote an offer or service, but the interview is not a pitch for business. I am not the only podcaster who has not used interviews when the guest has constantly plugged their own services at the expense of an interesting interview.

In the latest edition of my podcast on being a good podcast guest, I share 5 tips to being a great podcast guest. BUT I offer a complimentary Ebook with top tips on being a great podcast guest. Grab the ebook here.

Remember, being a great podcast guest is all about bringing some great content and conversation to the podcast for the audience NOT to plug your services.

If you would like to be a podcast guest on the Superstar Communicator podcast, 1, listen to the podcast. 2. Download the Ebook. 3. Apply here.

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