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Make Your Ask course

Many of you will know that I advocate ASKING: for advice, feedback, opportunities and whilst I am not an expert in negotiating, but having the courage to negotiate for better pay, better jobs and conditions.

Therefore it was of particular interest when I was sent information about the Make Your Ask course, which is specifically on negotiation. Here is more information.

Negotiation is the most powerful skill in business and in life to get what we want, need and deserve.

However, for too long, negotiation has been seen as being about aggression and win/lose. From Trump to Brexit, both business and politics have been impacted as a result of this and far too many people feel intimidated to engage in negotiation in their own lives.

What if we could do business differently and negotiate better outcomes for ourselves in business and in our personal lives?

Our new movement is about losing the tough talk and bully-boy tactics and re-claiming negotiation as a powerful life skill with master negotiator Natalie Reynolds.

Mastering Negotiation: The Art of Making Your Ask is a new modular course by negotiation expert Natalie Reynolds comprised of eight, 20-minute Masterclass lessons, downloadable toolkits & worksheets.

Powerful and proven negotiation training expertise, formerly costing thousands and reserved for senior executives, will now be available for everyone to access  at for £10 from Monday 10th September.

PLUS: for every course purchased, Make Your Ask commits to gift one course to a woman who needs it around the world – with a target of One Million Women

Giving Partners include UN Women and Corporate Partners include: Bumble, Kemp Little

And in a further commitment to making the powerful skill of mastering negotiation available those who need it most, for every course purchased, the Make Your Ask Project will gift the same course via one of their charity partners to a woman around the world who really needs it. The Make Your Ask Project is proud to announce UN Women as their first official giving partner. Social network Bumble and law firm Kemp and Little have also confirmed as founding corporate partners with more to be announced in the coming weeks.


Mastering Negotiation: The Art of Making Your Ask is a modular course comprised of eight, 30-minute Masterclass lessons, downloadable toolkits and worksheets. The globally respected DEALS™ negotiation training method which Natalie has created and refined over the past 15 years provides a robust introduction to excelling at the negotiation table and a framework for effectively making your ask. Practical lessons about how to master the psychology of negotiation are also included.

Topics covered include: Why Negotiation Matters, Common Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid, Dealing with Challenging Negotiations, Resilience and Navigating a No, Effective Planning and other topics based on Natalie’s pioneering DEALS™ method.

Natalie Reynolds, Founder of the Make Your Ask Project said:

‘I have always believed that negotiation is the most powerful skill in business and in life to get what we want, need and deserve. However, for too long, negotiation has been seen as a skill requiring aggression, bullying behaviour and tough talk and as a result many people are frightened and intimidated by it. The Make Your Ask Project is all about demystifying negotiation and providing an easy to use framework focused on creativity, problem solving and resilience that anyone master. In addition, I want to harness the power of negotiation as a tool for empowerment and change. Our mission is to gift negotiation training to One Million Women through our charity partners, the first of which will be UN Women. I am grateful to our corporate supporters including Bumble, Camm and Hooper and Kemp Little who have worked with us from the beginning to help mobilise the project so that we can have the biggest possible impact. The new online course I have developed takes my experience from over a decade of advising global companies, business school, charities and governments and condenses it into a highly practical toolkit that will help people from all walks of life to feel more confident and capable about making their ask.’
If you want to purchase the course, it is available for £10 from
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