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Martin Lewis’s 4 things you need to be successful

Martin Lewis is a true inspiration and this speech – although not a TED talk, is informative and clear on the 4 things you need to be successful. Something everyone, of any age needs to watch and take note of. Of course there are very lucky individuals, through the luck of birth, looks or ability to kick a football around, are deemed successful without having to work hard. But for the mortals of this world – of which I am one, other factors come into being successful.

Martin is a passionate, engaging speaker, and he has the audience in the palm of his hand. The event is at the LSE with high flying students, who are already successful because they are already studying at a top university, and this in itself will open doors when they graduate. However, Martin challenges the students to move forward and not rest on their laurels because they are at the LSE! Watch here.

Martin believes these four things you need to do, to be successful.

  1. Hard work: unless you are very very lucky (like the people mentioned above) you have to work hard to be successful.

  2. Talent: there is no point in me trying to be a tennis player as I have no ball skills. However lucky or hard working I was, there is no way I would be a success as a tennis player. It is smart to be honest about where your talents lie and nurture them accordingly.

  3. Focus: it is all very well being talented and hard working, but if you are working hard ‘ineffectively’ you are going to get no where. Setting targets and having a vision to focus on are keys to success.

  4. Luck: Yep; you can’t get away with this. Being in the right place at the right time; whether it be speaking to the right person or coming up with a niche idea at that right moment can be down to luck – although we do make our own luck to a certain extent. Look out for luck!

This is a great speech and one to share with every teen! If you would like to receive my 5 top tips to being a great communicator register here.

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