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You need to ask to get on

Have you been frustrated by lack of opportunities coming your way? You feel that these golden opportunities just ‘drop’ into other people’s laps, yet you are working really hard?

How is it that the colleague who appears not to work as hard as you had just won the dream job that you really wanted, without it even being advertised? Or another colleague knows all of the influential decision makers who are advising him on his next move careerwise? It just isn’t fair is it? OR IS IT?

It could be that there is something going on that you aren’t aware of; and I don’t mean favouritism or nepotism. But perhaps the colleagues and peers are asking specific people for a number of opportunities.

  • Asking for career advice, such as organisations to join to network, or courses to do.

  • Asking for general advice – either a colleague or virtually

  • Asking people for a specific opportunity, whether that is to attend a particular event or a role.

  • Asking for feedback; not only do key people get to know you, but they also believe they are part of your success from their contribution.

  • Asking for testimonials

The list could go on. But in all of these cases, I know some readers would feel ‘eek’ I couldn’t possibly ask for this – yet there are colleagues and peers WHO ARE ASKING! And they are getting the opportunities.

The fact is that it is okay to ask.You are unlikely to be punished because you have asked for something, and the rewards for asking outway that risk. Once point to consider however, is HOW you ask, and being mindful of who you are asking and the level of commitment to them. If you are approaching a very senior person, or someone you don’t know, and you ask for a huge number of things or time, it is unlikely to be a positive outcome. Likewise if you are demanding or have an expectation that just because you have asked, you will get! After all we are all humans!

I am delivering a complimentary webinar on 12th March at 8pm GMT, where I will discuss the benefits of asking, how to ask effectively and how to address your own hang ups about asking. Register here.


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