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Speech Run through Service

Speech Run through Service


Do you have an important speech, presentation or pitch coming up? Do you need to practice and perfect it to have an impact? Do you need an independent expert pair of ears and eyes to critique and improve your delivery? Do you need assistance with constructing the speech or presentation?

Or possibly you have a colleague, a boss, or team member who needs some support to deliver their speech or presentation.

I am here to help! Book a London session here. For sessions at other locations Contact me

I offer 90 minute focused sessions where I work one to one to transform a presentation, speech or pitch, so the client makes an impact when they deliver the speech. The sessions could include:

  • Focusing on the voice and how to use it effectively to make an impact

  • Working on the clarity of the message to be conveyed

  • Positive and impactful body language

  • Pacing yourself during a speech

  • Varying the delivery style so the speech is more interesting for the audience

  • Restructuring the speech or pitch to make it more memorable and impactful

  • Managing nerves/fear before a speech

  • Techniques on maintaining focus during the speech

The client goes away with 3 or 4 key take aways to remember for the speech: all of which will make a massive change to the quality of the delivery. Typical scenarios I have supported clients have been:

  • Keynote conference speeches

  • Presentations to the board for departmental funding

  • Pitches to external companies

  • Client presentations

I am also able to work with a client on the construction of a speech, including focusing on what the message needs to be and what will resonate best with a specific audience. Book a London session 

What clients say:

“It went really well. Thanks so much for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!” Client delivering an in house keynote speech at the company conference

“You really understood the person you were working with, and his role within the company pitch. His confidence and ability to pitch increased significantly after your session with him, and contributed to the successful pitch”. Senior Marketing Manager, Global Company

“The two hours you spent with xxxx made all the difference. He was far more focused and comfortable with what he needed to say. As a result, the whole presentation went extremely well. Many thanks”. Hedge Fund Client Day

Arrange a 30 minute complimentary call here.

Contact me, arrange a call (above) or Call +44 (0) 800 0938464 to discuss how I could help you, or a colleague. I look forward to hearing from you. Or book a 90 minute session here.


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