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Vocal Health for Speakers and Trainers

Vocal Health for Speakers and Trainers

One to one training in speaking and vocal production, to ensure you make an impact when you speak.


Are you a Speaker or Trainer who sometimes gets sore throats after speaking?

Do you find you are losing your voice during a day’s training?

Do you deliver a series of webinars and live videos to promote an event and your voice has gone by the time you deliver your event?

Or possibly whenever you use your voice: whether it is telephone conversations, meetings, presentations, webinars or event training, your voice becomes croaky. It is SO frustrating and can knock your confidence. In the worst possible scenario, you might have to cancel a speaking engagement or training session, resulting in lost income.

Well help is at hand. Vocal strain or lose is an occupational hazard. You need to know how to use and care for your voice, to ensure it is reliable.

I have worked with hundreds of speakers, trainers, teachers and lecturers on vocal health and production, to ensure they use their voices in a healthy way; thus avoiding vocal strain or loss.

I now offer one to one sessions where we discover:

  • Why you are suffering from vocal strain or losing your voice frequently.
  • How to produce the voice in a healthy way.
  • Projecting the voice.
  • Pacing yourself when you are using the voice, to ensure you can get through a day’s training.
  • Vocal health: tips and lifestyle changes to look after your voice.

These one hour sessions are usually conducted in a mirrored studio so you can correct your posture, identify where you hold tension in your body, work on breathing and how it LOOKS and FEELS to speak in a relaxed yet effective way.

Currently I offer sessions in a Central London or St Albans studio.

Book a session in London.

If you would like to book a session in St Albans or discuss another location please CONTACT ME.


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