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Singing and connecting with your team.

People often ask ‘Why is singing a good way to connect a team?’. Well isn’t it obvious?? Throughout the world, communities sing together to establish a community. Whether this is a celebration in an African village or supporting your football team at Wembley Stadium, people sing together.

Why? might you ask. Singing together is a thrilling, inclusive activity that brings people of every age and ability, male and female together. The endorphins that are secreted by your body, when you sing, make you feel fantastic. It is a really uplifting feeling. People start breathing at the same time – to sing the same melody and/or lyrics. But here is the most powerful piece of information: the singers’ hearts start beating at the same time. How cool is that??

Singing at every level brings joy, engagement with other people and a sense of belonging. It is no co-incidence that celebrations and tributes (at funerals) within any religion involve people singing together. Because it creates a community feel.

Whether crowds at The Principality Stadium, Cardiff are singing, or at a memorial service, we all gain so much power, comfort and sense of belonging when we sing together.

I was therefore thrilled to be asked to deliver a short singing exercise within the book launch

of ‘Go beyond’ by Neville Pritchard. This is a new HR book, where he discusses new trends and practices. If you would like to attend, please respond to this invitation.

AND do let me know if you are attending.

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