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Speaking your goals

I am not the only person who has been planning my year: professional and personal. I have been on a vision board website; have a Passion Planner and been on a one day ‘Have the best 2019’ day. I am now ready to be speaking my goals.

You might think I am being bonkers: surely I will have written everything down; planned my content; scheduled my marketing campaigns; have booked specific speaking engagements etc. Surely there isn’t ANY more preparation I can do. But there is!

I asked a local entrepreneur to me: Sue Wybrow to share her personal and business goals for 2019, which was brave! But in the course of this process, we started a conversation, because what she was saying was engaging. I started asking her questions about her goals, realised I could assist and support her with ideas and accountability. It became more real.

Watch the VLOG here:

This is what happens:

  1. By sharing by speaking your goals and plans with someone else, they become real.
  2. The person listening always has some input whether this is supporting the other person, giving them ideas or even showing some accountability.
  3. Inevitably the conversation and engagement develops and if you have chosen the right person, they will encourage you to decide when to ‘check in’ to see the progress.

I have also created a podcast summarising this. Listen here (it is less than 7 minutes long):

Key points when “Speaking your goals” as an activity.

  1. Choose wisely; you want someone who is a giver as well as taker. Someone who is trustworthy!
  2. Ensure there is sufficient time for both people to share their goals, discuss ideas and to brainstorm even more ideas.
  3. Part of the power of this is that both people are engaged in the goals, plans and outcomes. Part of the process is being accountable to each other to achieve these goals, so ensure you agree on how often you are going to check up on each other’s progress!
  4. I am also a member of a mastermind group and I recommend you join either a formal or informal mastermind as one of the roles is to be accountable to other people with your goals.

All the very best of luck with your plans for 2019. And if you wish to discuss a communications related goal for 2019 why not book a complimentary call with me BOOK HERE.

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