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The story of Superstar Communicator™

This week is National Storytelling week, and it is totally appropriate to share my sorry of Superstar Communicator™ from when the name was conceived to future plans.

I had been contemplating doing a podcast; it fit in with being a spoken communicator trainer. My limiting beliefs were around whether I could cope with the tech side and also whether anyone would listen. Eventually at the beginning of 2014 I decided to step up; come up with a name – Superstar Communicator and JUST DO IT. And the wonderful Stewart Vallely said “That’s a great name!” My first podcast was broadcast on 21st February 2014. I was terrified and scripted the entire podcast, but I shared my journey from being a non-speaker at school (too shy) to where I am now!

From 2014 I was contemplating how I used my knowledge and in 2016 created a communications model: identifying and using specific skill sets around communication to ensure you make an impact. I was able to describe the methods of training and the content simply and in an engaging way. I used this for speaking engagements as well as pitching for work.

Fast forward to September 2018. I waved my wonderful son off at Cardiff University. On the drive back I saw a flock of geese flying south – to the winter warmth, and realised that my physical journey on the M4 back home was my version of migrating to the next stage of my life’s journey. And by co-incidence I had my first business consultancy with Gurnam Selvarajah from Exemplas. I explained the Superstar Communicator™ model to her; she realised it was very powerful and encouraged me to get it trademarked. Which despite some resistance from legal advice, I went ahead and did. And at the beginning of January 2019 I discovered that I had been successful.

I have recorded a follow up podcast about this:

So I am in an exciting time: there are a number of plans for 2019 and beyond: I will share these  in future. But in the meantime, you can see how sharing a story about business development is an engaging and memorable way to share information. This is what National Storytelling week is all about! AND Superstar Communicator™

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