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Telephone Challenge

Telephone Challenge

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How does your business stand out in a crowded market? We are aware of the power of online marketing; whether it be our websites, building up our lists for emails or digital marketing plan.

BUT in focusing on these great activities, we are missing a trick – and therefore a competitive advantage: we aren’t SPEAKING to our clients and prospects.


Take the Challenge!

 I am challenging you to pick up the phone, Skype or arrange a Google hangout and speak to your clients and contacts. We’re going to be running the challenge again in September for 7 days so do register!

In the meantime, if you want a low cost audio training option on speaking on the telephone order our “Make an impact on the Telephone”  downloadable audio course.

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Personally, I have moved a business relationship forward from being a contact on Twitter or Linkedin, by picking up the phone or arranging a Skype meeting. I have reconnected with old clients: reminding them of my company and what we do. I have even called at the right moment to be considered for some work.

Clients of mine have adopted the ‘Telephone Challenge’ and have saved time: a five minute telephone conversation has avoided a 30 minute email ‘tennis match’ of questions and answers!

I have received calls from people I haven’t spoken to for a while, resulting in me booking their services or arranging to find out what their latest products are.

This isn’t cold calling, but increasing the reach to your customers in a human way. Once you get into the swing of this, you will discover what an effective marketing activity this is.

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I am challenging you to pick up the phone and speak to your clients and contacts.

To support you, I have created a great email series with tips, challenges and downloadable worksheets to get yourself focussed on a new challenge.

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Download your Telephone Challenge Badge to add to your Linkedin Profile or website here