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The transformation of working in a studio with me

 Clients are always amazed at the transformation that takes place when they work with me in the studio. For those who are not aware, I book a theatrical or music studio for an hour. As the studio has some mirrors on it, we are able to correct posture and presence issues very quickly and effectively.

If you are in the gym, lifting weights, you correct your posture in front of the mirror. In the same way, we can do this in the studio for posture and vocal production. Videos are often used in this way as a training method for public speaking and presentations – and they are effective. However, you have to watch the videos THEN correct any posture challenges. Watching yourself in mirrors is a way to do this immediately and for you to feel and see the effects straight away.

 In my latest VLOG, I explain why working in a mirrored studio is a powerful way to work, to have an immediate improvement with your posture, presence and charisma. Also being away from the office, you can focus on your presence with out feeling self conscious – and if necessary work on projecting your voice without worrying you will disturb others!

The Power Hour service is now available in St Albans and Central London and is one of the most effective and immediate training for changes in your presence, charisma, voice and confidence. We are now booking for January. If you want other locations, do let me know, and we could see what could be arranged.

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